The STN Tranny Rings are the only effective alternative to using JT-Designs high-performance transmission brace (JTD 905). This CAD designed, CNC machined Active Transmission Mount System (ATMS) creates precise shifts under load and reduces the torsional powertrain movement that has been associated with missed shifts leading to costly over reved E36M3s.

Use these simple to install transmission mount bushing stiffeners to help reduce the likelyhood of those expensive mis-shifts! These rings bolt directly around the stock mounts and are precision fitted to the exact same conture as your factory bushings. The rings are exclusively designed as a quieter solution for the enthusiast who demands rigid performance on race day, but still needs their BMW for normal weekday commuting. When the engine is in idol, the rings are designed to remain loose around the factory transmission rubber mounts. The rings conform tight only when the mounts expand during the force of acceleration or turning. CNC Machined Billet Aircraft Aluminum and Anodized Clear to keep them looking nice for years to come.

These babies improve shifting feel on stock and modified shifters.

"Your stock transmission mounts will compress during their life time causing our tranny rings to do all the work in supporting your transmission to its proper height. We suggest that if you are uncertain when they were last changed that you install new mounts when installing our tranny rings. This combination will safeguard your vehicle from having excessive vibration and will also insure that your drive shaft will become aligned properly, giving you the drive train life you would expect from your BMW."

STN Tranny Rings E36 E46 JTD 1100$49.95