Next Batch due October 1, 2007

This system completely secures the transmission to the chassis eliminating torsion twist and unwanted fore and aft movement. During hard acceleration the stock transmission cross brace and soft rubber mounts are not rigged enough to keep the transmission isolated. G-forces under high speed cornering and braking can cause the transmission and engine assembly to become misaligned with the body mounted shifter. This action can cause a reaction of incorrect gear selection causing the driver to shift from 5th to 2nd gear "instead of 5th to 4th". The end result to this unwarranted mistake is undeniably bent valves and a repair bill of easily $2,000.00 or more. This brace is a small investment for any BMW owner looking to accelerate their performance on the track without the chance of a crash and burn to their bank account.

Installation takes only minutes and does not require modification to any of your BMW's stock components. This feature will allow you to reinstall the factory mount when off the track, if so desired.

LIFETIME WARRANTY!! On Housing Construction

Designed to fit: BMW E-36 M3 with 5 speed manual transmission

High Performance Transmission Brace E36 M3 JTD 905$299.95

Installation Instructions