"Hingless" Aerospace Quality Brace

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JT-Designs High Performance Front Strut Tower Brace features a heavy walled chromoly steel center tube and aerospace quality CNC machined strut top housings. At each housing, the steel tubes precision-machined barrel couplers are precisely inserted into our 6061-T6 CNC machined billet aluminum housings. This allows the housing to perform "Pre-Load" capabilities so tension is created within the brace and then set, eliminating any lag in response time. Stress is transferred throughout the entire housing, as the removable cover is re-inserted to perform as a balanced structural member of the brace for complete structural rigidity.

Any front brace fastened with bolts and hinges only opens the door wide open to flex and slack, which is exactly what you are spending your money trying to prevent. The H.P. Front Strut Brace eliminates these pivots and hinges to offer the highest performance you can get next to welding a steel bar under the hood from end to end. The H.P. Front Strut Brace is a true display of the latest in manufacturing technique and design to incorporate pre-load capability and a structural cap to increase overall rigidity. The results of this technology will demonstrate an instantaneous response from your E36 in every corner and at any speed.

Our custom mounting hardware is manufactured in-house to specific Aerospace tolerances, and proportioned to that of nearly 3x the size of the hardware found on most other braces. Carbon fiber plates are inserted into the base covers to compliment your E36 cutting edge cosmetic style.

Fits all 6 cylinder E36.

Will fit the E36 M3 equipped with or without traction control

Comes complete with all the necessary hardware!

BMW E36 M3 High Performance Front Strut Tower Brace (NLA) JTD 910

Housing "Side View"
Housing "Side View"
Housing "Top View"
Pre Load Tension Capabilities
4130 Chromoly Steel Center Bar